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WELCOME TO H. G & WCreative Intelligence Company

H. G & W Consultants Ltd is a creative intelligence company that specializes in Business Advisory, Strategy, Restructuring and Training. H. G & W Consultants Ltd is fast becoming one of the leading consulting firms in Europe, Middle East and Africa, solving business and management problems since 1994.  


H. G & W Consultants Ltd can be said to be a household name in Africa as one of the leading firms in Business structuring, Strategy, Training, and Performance Improvement. H. G & W Consultants has pioneered amazing feats of company restructuring and management in south Africa, London, India, Ghana and Nigeria. As one of the End to End Business  consulting organization, H. G & W can boast of multiple  certifications and accreditations  from  both  National  and  International  regulatory bodies, H. G & W has continued to deliver outstanding solutions to a wide range of clients across the globe.


To  be  the  acknowledged  leader  in  Creative  Business  Solutions  Services  in
the  areas  of  Strategy,  Training  and  Performance


Be the highest value provider of creative  Business  Solutions  services  by
offering outstanding performance and service while keeping costs as low as  possible.


|   Productivity  

|  Excellence

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We  embrace  diversity  in  religion,  Tribe  and  color  while  seeking  out  futuristic  and  technological  otions  

Our CEODr. Emerie Agunwah

Dr. Emerie Agunwah is a Business Strategist and Human Capacity Development Expert with almost two decades of experience garnered in Strategy, Creative Intelligence and Management positions, Business & Executive Coaching, and in providing bespoke learning interventions to organizations in varied industries.

Emerie Agunwah is an internationally sought after speaker who has graced several platforms within and outside Nigeria. He has been recognized as one of the 50 most influential Igbo people and has won several awards for his work done in the personal development space.

He is the Managing Partner of H.G & W Consultants Ltd, a creative intelligence, Business Strategy, Training and development firm focused on helping organizations, institutions, governments and individuals become the best in their industries.

Dr. Emerie Agunwah’s Educational background is in Business Administration and Business Communications.

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