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Why H.G&W Consultants Limited

There are a million reasons, but we can give you 2!
Clients benefit from our consultants’ varied skills through cross-functional approach to assignment execution whilst empowered with the knowledge and skills to continuously improve, long after we are gone. We believe in Africa and its future and dedicate ourselves to achieving the African dream by actively seeking out alliances, partnerships and friendships throughout the continent.

We are H.G&W Consultants Limited

  • H.G&W Consultants Limited is a leading business management consulting practice serving clients across Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
  • We work in all major sectors of the economy including but not limited to aviation, oil and gas, financial services, telecommunications, media, health, maritime, manufacturing and various arms and levels of government engaging highly trained and sector-experienced consultants.
  • Over the years, we have been engaged on a wide range of assignments principally to help clients realize projects, improve efficiency and build human capacity.